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Why Choose DELTA Learning

At DELTA Learning we are pioneering the future of education…

We build on academic learning and push above and beyond the classroom and into the real world. We help children to explore with greater curiosity and develop knowledge with deeper understanding and practical application, without a limit on what they can achieve.

Students of DELTA Learning are given a unique opportunity to learn from the best instructors in their field. Alongside an impressive list of world champions, award winners and industry leaders, many of our instructors are GEMS teachers. Highly qualified, highly skilled, experienced and passionate in their mission, these are some of the best teachers in the world.

Through our expert teaching staff we know how to deliver programmes which underpin and strengthen academic learning. However, our freedom from the formal structures of school, means that there is no limit to the creativity we can apply in our teaching.

To deliver some of our specialist programmes, we have scoured the UAE to find the most exciting, skilled and ambitious extracurricular providers. All DELTA Learning providers are pre-qualified to make sure they operate within the exacting legal, safety and welfare standards of GEMS Education. Our rigorous selection process means that all of our partners teach with the same energy, expertise and real-world relevance that we deliver in all Academy Plus programmes.