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Whether you are a gifted and talented student or need a little extra academic support, the Enhanced Learning Academy is geared to give you the tools and confidence to help you exceed your own expectations.

Sometimes we all need a little extra help — support to attain the required level, direction in preparing for formal assessments, or the vision and guidance to take a strength and bring it to its fullest potential. This is where the Enhanced Learning Academy comes in.

Our personalised learning experience builds upon classroom learning and goes above and beyond the scope of the curriculum to support student growth and academic performance. Our programmes are designed to support:

  • Preparation for formal assessments including: English-language entrance exams, SAT, ACT, JEE (including early entry candidates)
  • Additional educational needs — we offer specialist programmes for students with specific learning needs
  • Enhanced learning for gifted and talented students in all core subject areas

All of our programmes are delivered by highly skilled, specialist teachers through a mix of in-class and online learning. We assess your starting level, design key milestones, build your confidence and support you through every step of your journey so that you can arrive at, and surpass, your ultimate academic goal.