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Eva Gräsbeck


Eva Gräsbeck is a Finnish violinist, educator and performer.  She has performed as a soloist and played in various chamber music ensembles in Finland and many European Countries. Her teaching career started in 1989 at the Central Helsinki Music Institute. She has been a member of the Finnish National orchestra since 1991.

Eva was born in Finland in 1966 in a well-known musical family and took her first violin lessons at the age of 3. She has studied violin at Turku Conservatory (Finland), the Belarus Academy of Music (Belarus) and the Sibelius Academy (Finland). In 1993, she completed her diploma and graduated with highest honours from the Sibelius Academy, receiving a Master’s degree in violin playing.

Eva is passionate about teaching and strongly believes that bringing music and children together has life-long benefits. Learning to play an instrument such as the violin promotes the development of a student across all learning domains.