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Music Hub Registration

An easy way to register and pay

Music Hub Registration

If you would like to enroll your child for individual instrumental lessons next year, we invite you to complete the application process as described below: 

The Application Process

This consists of 3 stages:
Stage 1 – Online Registration
Stage 2 – Music Hub Approval
Stage 3 – Online Payment Process

Stage 1 - Online Registration

1.         Visit
2.         Click on MUSIC HUB
3.         Complete the Registration form to register your child in the system (Student Name, School attended, Date of birth, Gender, Year/Grade, Class, Parent Name, contact email and contact number)
4.         Complete the Application Form - Select the Instrument, Lesson length and Lesson time and the Term.
5.         Read the Terms and Conditions and tick the box
6.         Click Submit the Application

*If you would like to apply for lessons on a second instrument, please submit your current application and then complete another application. 

Stage 2 - Approval

Your request will automatically be sent to Management for approval.  At this point we will check the teacher availability to fulfill your request.   Upon approval, you will then receive an email notification from the system stating that your request has been successful and this will include information about the music teacher and the lessons.  The email will also contain a payment link that you can use to pay via credit card online.

Stage 3 - Online Payment Process

1.       Click the payment link in the approval email sent to you.

2.       If you are a first time user – please click ‘create new account’ create your email address and password (once the registration is completed please click the payment link again sent to your email address)

3.       Enter your email address.

4.       Complete the Billing Information.

5.       Click on the Credit card button and click pay (this will redirect you to a screen where you can enter your credit card details for payment)

6.       Once the payment is successful, you will received an invoice from the system.


Payment must be received within 7 days of the approval email.  If payment has not been made within 7 days, the payment link will expire and you will receive an email from the system to advise you that your application has expired. Should you wish to re-activate your application you will need to contact us via email or telephone.

Please contact for any queries.