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Gennaro Rino Lista

Drums, Guitar

Rino is from Toronto, Canada, although Italian born. His journey and love for music began at an early age during his early elementary years in school, when he saw for the first time a rock band playing live at one of the school dances.

Rino pursued a life in music, studying clarinet, guitar, percussion and music throughout his school years. As well playing in the school orchestra and concert band, he played guitar and drums with school mates. After graduating, he began playing in various rock, jazz, funk and blues groups, travelling all across Canada and the USA, recording with various artists. He then embarked on a world tour covering Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Rino has been teaching music in Dubai schools since 1996.

His passion is teaching instrumental music to children of all ages, sharing what he has learned through study and experience, and to make sure they enjoy the experience.  For him, the gratification of teaching comes when he meets his former students, who as adults come to him and thank him for sharing his knowledge with them and supporting their efforts.