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Our children are global citizens and proficiency in a new language can broaden their future horizons. However, the intangible benefits of language learning run much deeper and can provide a solid foundation for greater academic, professional and personal success.

The benefits of learning languages are wide and far reaching. Language learning has been proven to aid cognitive function as it involves making new and complex connections in the brain. This boosts decision-making, analytical and multitasking abilities and all-round mental sharpness.

Academically, learning additional languages also deepens students’ understanding of the grammar, structure and composition of their first language, expanding their native language skills and improving listening skills.

And for the globally minded population of the UAE, fostering an interest in other languages and cultures is central for developing open-minded, engaged individuals who will lead the world of tomorrow.

The Languages and Culture Academy offers programmes which enable students to:

  • practice and perfect conversational language in their mother-tongue
  • study a particular curriculum in its home-language
  • improve English-language proficiency and increase access to school entry
  • explore and learn a second, third or fourth foreign language