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Nadine Artuhavana

Violin, Piano

Nadine began her musical education at the age of five with singing and accordion lessons. At age seven she started to specialize in violin and piano. Nadine is a graduate of the Belarus Minsk Conservatory. She has a degree as an Orchestra Artist and Instrumental Teacher.

Nadine has taught conservatory students in Minsk, Belarus, to a professional level. She has seven years of experience in giving concert performances in Europe whilst touring with the Minsk Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.

Nadine performs extensively as a solo violinist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.   She is currently the concertmaster and the solo violinist of NSO Symphony Orchestra in Abu Dhabi where she often performs with the orchestra in the Emirates Palace auditorium.

Nadine has been teaching in GEMS schools for the past 10 years as a member of the Music faculty.