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Creativity and performance are some of the most important skills to acquire in today’s technology-based world. The less like a robot you can be, the more you will thrive in this digital age.

The Performing and Creative Arts programme aims to trigger a passion for the arts by offering opportunities for self-discovery and laying the foundations for expression and performance. Not does this encourage our students to become the creative thinkers, innovators and pioneers of the future, but it equips them with a source of inspiration, escape and solace that will travel with them wherever their lives lead.

Through the expressive arts children learn core people skills — empathy, teamwork, communication and working collaboratively towards a common goal. Practice teaches tenacity and patience, while performance builds confidence and self-esteem, and teaches responsibility, accountability and leadership.

The discipline of learning a musical instrument or a fine art form has been shown to dramatically reduce stress, develop fine-motor skills and improve memory and concentration. The fundamentals of music and visual art — rhythm, beats and scales, forms, proportion and perspective — all have their roots in mathematics. Learning these concepts has also been proven to have a positive impact on maths skills.