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Raman Maroz

Guitar, Drums, Piano

Raman is a professional musician and multi-instrumentalist from Belarus. At a young age, being inspired by his father playing guitar, he studied drums, guitar, and piano. He graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Music and worked in the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus for eight years. During this time, he had opportunities to perform on well-known stages such as the Kremlin in Moscow with many different world-famous artists including Jose Carreras, Michele Legrand, Al di Meola, Robbin Gibb from the Bee Gees, as well as with many local and international musicians. He also participated in different music festivals and competitions, and worked in recording studios.

Arriving in Dubai in 2011, Raman was honoured to join with many professional musicians of the UAE, performing as a part of NSO Symphony Orchestra in venues such as Emirates Palace, World Trade Centre, Dubai Opera and DU Arena. Performances with the NSO included three concerts with Andrea Bocelli, as well as recording UAE National Anthem for Expo 2020 Committee in 2018.

Apart from performing music, Raman’s huge passion lies in teaching and inspiring young talent, guiding students through their musical journey. Raman is very focused on teaching and inspiring students, helping them to achieve their goals and aspire to new challenges. His pupils have achieved high marks in ABRSM and Trinity College of London exams, and participated in "Tops in Trinity" Concerts on stages in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Having an extensive experience in teaching for more than 15 years, Raman feels his role is to create a custom-made music programme designed for each young individual in order to give them a strong foundation in technique, listening skills, co-ordination and general musicianship. Always delighted when students achieve their goals, his motto is: Work hard, enjoy and you will be proud of yourself!