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Try something new. Try something which challenges you… try something which scares you. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve when you test yourself.

The activities in the Sports and Adventure Academy are carefully chosen for their value to personal growth, as well as skills acquisition. Through our Academy, our players and adventurers learn accountability, they learn to be responsible for their actions and their outcome, they learn honesty, integrity, self-discipline and perseverance (an invaluable life-lesson in our age of instant gratification). They work hard and they have fun.

Our Academy gives children a chance to express themselves outside of the normal range of school and team sports. Here, they can try challenging and adventure-based sports offering new experiences and sometimes taking them outside their comfort zone. And as well as the benefiting their wellbeing and laying the foundations for a healthy lifestyle, our students learn essential life lessons in challenging themselves. The rush of having overcome a fear or limitation is a reminder which stays with them always as a reminder not to stand still — to keep pushing, persevering, adventuring.