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Terms and Conditions - GEMS English Language Learning Programme

Policy Document for Parents

 Classes and schedules

  • All GEMS English Language Programme classes will be taught by English speaking GEMS teachers with internationally recognised teaching qualifications and/or proven experience.
  • The 3 hour daily programme consists of 160 minutes of study time and 20 minutes of supervised break.
  • Maximum class size will not exceed 14 students.
  • Programme management cannot guarantee the same class teacher from week toweek.
  • Parents who wish to book transportation by STS, must do so latest by 1st July 2018.
  • No transportation bookings will be accepted after one week before the programme is due to start.
  • Students arriving via the school bus will be supervised to and from the bus every day by GEMS staff.
  • Students arriving independently must be dropped off or picked up by a parent or preapproved designated adult. Students cannot arrive or leave school unaccompanied, i.e. via public taxi.
  • Parents who wish another adult, e.g. a nanny or driver, to regularly drop off or pick up their child must inform the Lead Teacher in writing and either introduce the designated adult to the Lead Teacher or provide a photograph.
  • Parents who wish another adult, e.g. another parent to pick up their child must inform the Lead Teacher in advance.


  • To get the most from the course, students should arrive on time every day, participate actively in the lessons, and complete all assigned homework tasks.
  • Students must attend at least 80 per cent of the course to qualify for a certificate of completion.
  • If a student is absent without prior notification from the parents, a member of the English
  • Language Programme team will follow up with the parents the same morning.
  • In the event of teacher sickness, the lesson will be taught by a substitute teacher.

Fee payments

  • Course fees must be paid in full and in advance.
  • Course fees include the cost of the placement test which will be administered once payment has been received.
  • Workbooks, materials, stationery and end of course certificates are included in the course fees


  • No refunds can be given once the fee payment has been made.
  • In exceptional cases, a refund may be granted at the management’s discretion. The approved refund will usually be by cheque and take up to10 working days to process.
  • GEMS English Language Programme reserves the right to terminate lessons should a student behave inappropriately.
  • In the event that the GEMS English Language Programme is cancelled before the start of a week, parents will be issued a full refund for that particular week. 

Reporting and Assessment

  • GEMS English Language Programme teachers will email parents within 48 hours of the start of a week to provide individualised as well as overall learning objectives for the course.
  • GEMS English Language Programme teachers continuously assess students and willprovide a written progress report at the end of each week.